Where to List Vacation Rentals

Where to List Vacation Rentals

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You have fixed up the property and made it the perfect vacation rental for those looking to stay in your community. Now all need to do is market your property in the right places so you can draw in the visitors. Of course, before you start looking where to list vacation rentals, you should check the local, state, and federal regulations to see what is allowable and what is not when adverting your property. If your property falls in line with the regulations and you have the proper insurance, the next step is getting it out on the market.

Build Your Own Site

You might start by considering building your own website. It will need to provide all the necessary information, provide valuable info on the nearby events or locations that draw in potential renters, and offer everything needed so that someone can book the dates they want and pay for them online. The better the website, the better your chances at filling your vacation home with eager renters. The only downside is that you will have to do the marketing which may be quite time consuming.

Instead of building your own site, you might want to consider the following sites to place your vacation property.

Rent Like a Champion

This is a site dedicated to areas of the country that have popular events that take place during the year, such as college football games, races, or similar competitions. This is the perfect site to attract those who are traveling to the big game as there are no annual fees, it’s perfect for niche vacation rentals where no other popular attractions are around, and everything is done on the site itself. However, there is a high service fee for each use, so keep that in mind.

Popular Vacation Rental Sites

This includes online locations such as HomeAway, VacationRentals.com, and VRBO which are designed specifically to reach out to those seeking vacation properties in your area. The biggest drawback is the high annual fee, but if you live in a popular area it certainly is worth getting your vacation property listed on these sites. They all have fast booking systems in place, calendars to check availability, and most importantly a wide net to reach out to potential renters. Of course, expect a lot of competition when using these sites.


This is one of the most popular places to list vacation properties for many good reasons. First, there are no annual fees and if you live in a popular area, you may find that the home stays rented during the entire season. It’s cheap to list your home and it reaches a very large audience. However, keep in mind that there is no booking calendar that is available, so you will have to keep track yourself and sometimes the fees charged to the tenants may turn some away.

Understanding where to list vacation rentals will help you find the right one for your needs, providing an excellent experience for the renter, and maximizing your profit potential while fulfilling the needs of those who rent your property.

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