Landscaping New Construction

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Landscaping New Construction

One of the first reactions that many people have when they buy a home is to make it their own by redoing the landscape. However, that green grass is hiding many issues such as the wires, conduits, and pipes that crisscross the property. Therefore, landscaping new construction will need to be planned properly so that you don’t risk making a terrible mistake which might cost you plenty. Here are five tips that will help you landscape properly so that you get what you want without doing something you don’t want.

Inspect the Land First

You’ll need to get the lay of your landscape first before making any changes. This means if you plan on having a garden, choosing the sunny side of the property is a must along with proper drainage. You start by drawing out what you want and looking over the property at different times during the day to see where is the best location for your garden.

What Do You Want?

Once you know what you have, the next step is planning what you want. You’ll want to picture yourself five years from now looking over the landscape new construction and seeing what you want it to be. This means prioritizing what you want and adding changes every so often so that it meets your needs. Keep in mind that turning your entire backyard into party place may seem groovy now, but 10, 20, or 30 years from now you may want something else. Also, consider its sale value as part of your calculations.

Ditch Unwanted Building Planting

Builder plantings are one of those items that look great when you put them in, but not so great when you see someone else has done the same. Once you rid your property of the unwanted ones, you should only add new ones for trees that need root support or when set further away from the home. If you can avoid using them, do so. However, you may want to have one or two if they are well-suited to the task.

Adding New Topsoil

Naturally, you’ll want to improve the soil that you have by making more rich and fertile. The obvious solution is adding more compost, but you may not have the clippings, chips, weed rot, or leftover produce to create enough of what you need. You’ll probably have to purchase some bagged cow manure or if you live near the zoo, if they have some composted manure available.

Cover & Mulch

One of the best ways to get rid of weeds is to cover the area in mulch or groundcovers. Mulch is best because it keeps the soil underneath from drying out. However, after a couple of years mulch starts to work against the soil by pulling away the nutrients. So, you’ll want to switch to groundcovers which are less expensive and work against insidious weeds such as Japanese forest grass, mondo grass, and creeping phlox.

A little planning and preparation means that your yard can look the way you want thanks to landscaping new construction in the right way.

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