Renovating a Home for Baby Boomers

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Renovating a Home for Baby Boomers

Considering that there are 76 million baby boomers that represent a large portion of the American population, the needs they have for their homes have changed considerably over the past decade. This is because baby boomers are now over 50 with many having retired or close to retiring. With their children all grown up, they have no need for such a large home. So, renovating a home for baby boomers is fairly easy if you focus on what appeals to them.

For those with smaller homes to sell, there are certain things that you can do to make it more appealing to baby boomers. The obvious features include a main-floor bedroom and easily-accessible shower, but there are other aspects that you can add to your home that will help catch the eye of baby boomers.

Top-Flight Features

Baby boomers tend to be a little more selective and are looking for a home to spend the rest of their lives. So, items that add to the long-term quality of home are a must. Here are some basic features that you should consider;

  • Granite Countertops
  • Wooden or Tile Floors
  • Stainless Steel Appliances
  • Added Insulation & Energy Efficient Windows

All these features appeal to baby boomers who are looking for a place to settle down for the rest of their lives.


One appeal that baby boomers love is having extra space, such as a spare bedroom, den, or area that they can claim for their hobbies. If you have space that you use for storage, perhaps a bedroom for the kids, or other type of room, you can clean it up so that it provides a place for the potential buyer to dream about what they can do with the space themselves.


For baby boomers who are making the transition from work to retirement, many of them have started working from home. Therefore, a home office is an excellent addition that you can add to your property without major changes.

You’ll need a spare bedroom or den that can be set up as an office which means having enough electrical outputs and perhaps direct phone line connection.

Less Stress

In addition to making the home more energy efficient, you’ll want to make it more convenient for them by having features that require less work.

  • Single-Story Home
  • Easy to Maintain Yard
  • Open Floor Plan
  • Modern Appliances & More

Anything you can do to make your property less stressful to maintain, that will help its appeal to baby boomers. The easy to maintain yard is arguably the best attraction, so you may want to add a patio or hardscape a portion of your lawn which will cut down on the yard maintenance.

Renovating a home for baby boomers is not difficult, but you will need to keep in mind their needs and expectations. So, focus on making your home and yard easy to maintain, upgrade certain features so that they are long lasting, and provide extra space so they can use it for their needs.

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