Lowering Your Electric Bill

Lowering Your Electric Bill

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It seems that everyone is interested in reducing electricity and lowering their energy bill. The good news is that there are some simple, inexpensive ways to save money by lowering your electric bill by consuming less electricity. Here are a few ways you can cut down on the energy you are using and have lower electricity bills to pay.

Air Conditioning

One of the biggest users of electricity is your air conditioner. The less you use it over the summer months, the more you will save. An easy way to save money is by installing blinds or heavy drapes on windows that face the sun, such as the south side of the home. By blocking out the heat of the sun, the house will take longer to warm up.

A quick way to save is adjusting your thermostat by a couple of degrees upward for the summer and downward in the winter. Just a degree or two will not be noticed by you or your family, but it can save you money on every bill.

Another way to save is by adding a ceiling fan. While this will cost money initially, it will save you money by circulating the cooler air downward so that your air conditioner runs less. By reversing the direction of the blades, you can also save money in the winter as warm hair is distributed better throughout the home.


You can start saving by replacing all your incandescent bulbs with LEDs which use but a fraction of the electricity. Another way to save is one of the oldest, shutting the lights off whenever you leave a room. Get you and your family into the habit of shutting off all lights and checking before you go to bed.

Another way to save is by installing timers in rooms which are used intermittently throughout the day, such as the bathroom. By putting in a timer, the light will go off even if you forget so you continue to save money.

Heating Water

The less hot water you use, the less your energy bill will be. Consider washing your clothes in cold water which will save you every time you do your laundry. Another area where you can save money is by only using your dishwasher once per day or only when it is full. The less you use your dishwasher, the less hot water will be used.

By lowering your hot water heater to 120F, you can save a considerable amount on your electricity bill. This is because heating water takes considerable energy, so even just shaving off a few degrees can save you money each month. Plus, you reduce the risk of accidents with scalding water.

Simple methods in reducing electricity means paying less each month which over time can make a real difference. When you consider that most of these methods cost little to no money, it makes good budget sense. Lowering your electric bill is one smart way to put more cash in your pocket and take more control of your expenditures.


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